Ankle Pain

Is ankle pain slowing you down? Cannot walk or train properly? Are you an athlete and need to get back to your training routine quickly?

The ankle is known as the joint that connects your foot to the rest of your body and which allows for efficient mobility. Damage to this can be severely painful and inconvenient.

Physical injuries are easy to experience such as ~

  • Breaks,
  • Strained tendons and
  • Torn ligaments.

It is easy to experience one of these if you run a lot and play sports where quick turns and awkward motions are made. A common occurrence for all athletes is an ankle sprain. They can be a small bruising which can heal in a weeks’ time after an icepack and painkillers to an extreme sprain resulting in a tear to the ligaments requiring surgery and a long time to repair.

Not only are athletes susceptible to an ankle sprain but so are kids as they tend to run around recklessly during the day.

Conditions can also occur and develop in the ankle which can lead to serious pain such as ~

  • Achilles tendinitis – formed at the back of the ankle where the calf meets the heel this happens due to overuse of the tendons, and
  • Shin splints – stresses on your shin where there has been strains to the muscles or tiny fractures often seen in runners and dancers.

Many ankle related injuries can be solved with plenty of rest, anti-inflammatories, ice packs and elevation of the relevant leg to stem the blood flow to the area.

Physiotherapy is required for more serious strains and tears to the tendons, ligaments and muscles which you may need before or after surgery depending on the damage. So call us now 1800 848 860 and see what could help with your specific ankle pain.