Back Pain

Has back pain knocked you down and suddenly you cannot even sit up? Or are you suffering from the back pain long-term and nothing helps?

There are a number of reasons you may suffer back pain; playing sports, lifting heavy weights, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, sleeping on an insufficient mattress, the list goes on and on. Sometimes all you need do is to look at the way you stand and walk to notice that your unbalanced posture is the cause.

Back pain is one of the most inconvenient bodily stresses as the spine and back muscles are the epicentre of all movement. There are, however, certain things you can do to relieve back strains and condition your body without having to seek out professional treatment.

  1. You should start by analysing your posture in the mirror and making conscious adjustments to balance upright while walking.
  2. Exercise is a priority when it comes to maintaining stress free muscles and joints.
  3. There are specific routines that are targeted at the lower and upper back which can improve the strength of the areas and your overall inner core.
  4. Massages are another positive technique for relieving back pain and something in which your partner can administer regularly if you cannot afford to visit a physiotherapist. The internet is the greatest tool at your disposal and you can learn the proper motions, pressure and accessories that can make your massage more effective.

However, to be more certain about what you should do to relieve your back pain, since often an improper treatment can make the back pain even worse, call us now 1800 848 860 and see what could help your back straight away.