Foot Pain

Suffering from foot pain? Is walking, running, or even standing a difficulty because of the pain in your foot?

Experiencing pain in the foot is, above all else, a nascence to our daily activities. We cannot stand, walk or run efficiently if there is a niggling pain that will not go away. There are many parts of the foot from the bones to the skin, nails, muscles, ligaments and tendons which can cause discomfort if injured; even a simple bruise to your baby toe can lead to an unbalanced posture and regular pain.

As is with every part of the body you can of course experience physical injury, tears and breaks through accidents but there are also certain conditions that can arise in relation to the feet which can lead to pain and stress. Common ones you may know are bunions, corns, verrucas and ingrown toenails. These are usually easily cured through mild treatment in the form of creams, gels and painkillers but some such as bunions may require gentle surgery.

More serious disorders that can arise are ~

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disease which results in the tissues around the foot being damaged along with the cartilage and ligaments leading to a weak foot,
  • Gout – a commonly heard of condition where uric acid is released in the tissues of the foot resulting in uncomfortable inflammation, and
  • Athlete‚Äôs foot – a ringworm infection which leads to burning, itching and bleeding feet.

The majority of these disorders, and many like them, are relatively simple to treat without surgery and can be solved using antibiotics, painkillers, gels and physical therapy.

So make sure you seek out professional help with your foot pain and call us now 1800 848 860 so that your foot can start the healing process immediately.