Hip Pain

Is hip pain preventing you from moving freely? Cannot you walk without suffering in your hips? Would you like to get back to the activities you used to love doing before the onset of the hip pain?

There are many symptoms of hip pain which can vary from physical injuries to diseases and conditions. Accidents that may occur can be fractures, thigh strains, dislocations, hamstring tears, and pelvis breaks. Disorders can range from hip dysplasia, to deep vein thrombosis, and osteoarthritis of the hip. There are many ways one can experience these conditions ~

  • It may be genetic deficiency you were born with,
  • You could have been involved in a serious accident or injury,
  • Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drugs or over-eating resulting in obesity, or
  • It may just be to do with your age and lack of physical ability.

When it comes to hip pain often surgery is required to resolve the problem. After this there are certain rehabilitation and physical therapy requirements you will need to adhere to in order to prevent reoccurrence of the pain and injury.

There are of course ways to prevent hip problems ever occurring such as ~

  • Partaking in a healthy lifestyle,
  • Exercising regularly and
  • Taking in the essential minerals and vitamins required to improve joint health.

If you take part in dangerous activities or sports then you should always consider safety first and take the necessary precautions before putting your body through the physical exertions it is about to experience.

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